Youth Exchange

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Sept 2018: Youth Exchange and Final Conference in Paraguay

The Youth Exchange will be combined with ES4Y Final conference in order to obtain a higher dissemination impact and participation. This format will allow youth workers (group leaders) and youngsters to join the conference that will happen the last day of Youth Exchange. Both events will take place in Ciudad del Este in Paraguay and organized by APS. The Youth Exchange for a total of 50 participants, 5 per each partner, on the theme of “how to face an interview, how to find a job and how to choose the right career path.” The wrap up of the project will be the organization of a final conference during the youth exchange, by which time the finalized output should be presented. The ES4Y conference organized at the end of the project implementation aim at communicating the project ideas and activities within a wider audience consisting of people from varying professional, educational and cultural backgrounds and from all walks of life. The conference will draw upon ES4Y ideas, concepts, best practices and outcomes but it will be broad in scope; it will be rooted in application-oriented interactive activities with labour market reinsertion and inclusive education methodologies and training practices for youth.