Other objectives of ES4Y

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  • To raise youth organisations’ awareness of the benefits of youth mobility
  • To support youth organisations in better dealing with visa obstacles in international youth work
  • To share experiences in youth work with young people with fewer opportunities and equip youth workers with competencies to better include them in their organisations
  • To share the experience of European youth mobility projects with Latin American youth organisations and explore possibilities for regional youth work in these two regions.
  • To use online tools throughout the project period to share results, offer online training and develop the partners’ ICT competencies
  • To facilitate the exchange of innovative educational practices related to social inclusion in the field of youth between organizations from Programme and Partner countries.
  • To develop new competences related to social inclusion through creativity in order to contribute to greater youth active participation in social, cultural and political dimensions of their lives.
  • To promote peer learning between youth workers of different continents based on creativity, active participation and intercultural learning
  • To create innovative tools related to inclusion, based on exchange of experiences and best practices, development of new competences and peer learning: a set of viral videos; an interactive Blog with best practices from different continents.