The objectives are:

  • Establishing an innovative form of learning, using methodologies in information technology, a virtual collaboration;
  • Use online tools during the project period in order to share results, offer online training courses and develop the skills of the partners;
  • Create a set of learning materials such as OER (free learning resources);
  • Strengthen the formal and informal learning in young people between Europe and Latin America;
  • Share experiences of youth mobility projects in Europe and innovative educational practices related to social inclusion with Latin American organizations and explore the job opportunities for young people in these two areas;
  • Better understanding of the differences between Latin America and Europe in the frame of the role of youth in society;
  • Promoting peer learning among young workers from different countries, based on creativity, active participation and intercultural learning;
  • Creating among young people a sense of initiative and raise awareness regarding a positive contribution through their participation in society;
  • Reinforce a more inclusive society through the education of young people, the future of Europe;
  • Develop not only knowledge and skills but also to help young workers to become the most active members of society, responsi, committed and with an open mind;
  • Encourage a type of teaching that fight any kind of discrimination or racism in order to strengthen social ties, as well as create a sense of belonging;
  • Creating crossed synergies at the transnational level among the participants;
  • Create innovative tools related to the inclusion, based on the exchange of experiences and best practices, development of new skills and peer learning; a set of videos to share on social media, an interactive blog with the best practices from the different continents.